What You Need To Know About Domestic Violence Leave In California

Domestic violence is common in most homes. You will note that there are several reasons that cause abuse. These include unfaithfulness, mistrust and so forth. Violence at home can make the victims get injured and even die in the process.

This can make such individuals not to be productive in the workplace. This is the reason why these individuals require domestic violence leave. You will realize that issues related to domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking are all over the news.

California basically requires employers to notify employees about rights to domestic violence leave. Although the law provides protected time off to victims of domestic violence, most workers are not aware of these rights.

You will realize that the new bill basically requires the employers to inform each employee of his or her rights upon being hired and any time thereafter upon request.


The following are some of the frequently asked questions about domestic violence leave:


  1. Are employees entitled to domestic violence leave?

Employees who work in California are entitled to domestic violence leave. There is a bill that requires employers to inform all the employees of this right.


  1. When should the employees be notified of this leave?

The employees should be notified about this leave upon being hire and at any time thereafter upon request.


  1. What are the circumstances that can make an employee take a domestic violence leave?

There are several circumstances that can make an employee go on this leave. You will realize that most of these issues will be related to how you relate to your partner. If you normally have conflicts in your family, you are likely to encounter violence in the home. If you have been sexually assaulted, you should take a domestic violence leave.


  1. Once you have encountered violence at home, what should you do?

Once you have encountered abuse, you should seek medical attention for the injuries. You should also consider obtaining services from a shelter, program or rape crisis center. You can also consider going for psychological counseling. In addition, you can participate in safety planning and take necessary action such as temporary or permanent

During your leave, you should pursue the above-mentioned activities. This can help your health and get over your problem. Such issues should be forwarded to the Human Resources in order to address any employee concerns about retaliation for actually taking the time to address such serious personal matters. This can help you a great deal.