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We are a premier, San Diego employment law firm. I built my firm to truly help employees who have been mistreated by unscrupulous or unwitting employers.

What Made Me Want to be an Employment Lawyer? In my career, it seemed a natural transition. Over the past 35 years that I have practiced, my passion for law has always stemmed from my desire for helping others. Though I started my career as an agent for the IRS, (which I do hope most have forgiven me for), I moved on to estate law, then into business law, and this is where i realized the EMPLOYEE was the type of client I had a heart for. My joy has always come in ASSISTING PEOPLE who need my help; the feeling of satisfaction I get, knowing I have genuinely made a difference for them is PRICELESS.

For the last 10 years, I have focused my practice on advocating for California’s employees. In that time, we have handled more than 1500 employment law cases, with what I think you will agree are EXCELLENT RESULTS, culminating in over $250 MILLION in awards to our clients.

I hope it is pretty clear at this point, that employment law has sincerely become my calling. Not only have our clients received some of the best results for our area of practice, but with the strategic use of the class action, we help larger groups of workers to recover wages, penalties, interest, expenses and damages from other illegal actions by their employers.

Is UELG really Different? I know you’ve heard it all before. “We’re better!” “We’re different!” And on and on. I am as tired of these empty claims as you are, however, I believe our clients tell the story best. Since I built this firm, we have grown in popularity, due in no small part to the referrals of our satisfied clients. When our former clients refer their friends and family to us, at United Employees Law Group, we are truly honored by this achievement. This validation of all our hard work and personal attention is the best thank you we receive!

Here to serve YOU. Without an excellent team, I could never achieve the results I do. They are a crucial piece of the puzzle, and you can trust that I have built one of the best teams in the industry. I want you to have faces to put with the names when you call my offices so here is my team, we are here for you.


There are thousands of sites like, Wikipedia, Harvard Law, and CNN News, which provide valuable information on a general level for employment concerns, but at United Employees Law Group, you will find an authority on California employment law.  In the event that we can not take your case, we will help you locate the proper resources to help you. You have no obligation so, call us today for a free case review and see if we can help you.


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