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California Class action

United Employees Law Group Has Filed Class Actions Resulting in Over $250 Million in Awards

What Makes a Class Action?

If you are like the rest of us, you have likely received one of those notices in the mail, informing you that you have been included in a possible class action settlement. If you fill out the card, they send you more paperwork, and then if you’re lucky, at some point you get a small check in the mail as your portion of the settlement due to your involvement with the company that was sued.

Not Exactly thrilling, right? NOW LOOK AT UELG’S RESULTS!

The bottom line is, our class action cases typically PAY MORE for two reasons:

FIRST, In comparison to most other class actions filed, employment law violation cases tend to pay out higher settlements, due in part to the issue of wages, and being able to collect up to four years. Also because CA state mandates provide for, in many cases, penalties and interest on top of the actual monies owed.

SECOND, The Awards we are regularly able to obtain for our clients. When you come to us with your employment issue, if we determine that filing a class action case is the best course of action, then you will usually become the Class Representative. As the class representative you may be entitled to awards on top of your interest in the case as a class member. Our CLIENTS HAVE BEEN AWARDED UP TO $30,000 IN ENHANCEMENT AWARDS for acting as CLASS REPRESENTATIVE. These amounts will vary and are always subject to approval by the court.

UELG does not shy away from the BIG OPPONENTS, and we are Not Just Employment Law:
In one of the largest cases of its kind in U.S. history, w
e joined other firms nationwide, to hold AT&T accountable to their customers. The case sited AT&T for charges related to internet taxation and resulted in awarding $1 Billion dollars to its customers.

Why Class Action?
Which is easier to silence, the complaint of one or the ROAR of MANY?

Not all issues are best addressed by bringing a class action, or representative action suit. A class action suit is filed if a group of employees have a similar complaint or complaints against the same person or company. If it is found that they will be best served by joining forces to address these issues, as well as lessening the burden on the court rather than handling excessive individual cases.

Three Things You Should Know If  You Are Considering Filing a Class Action.

Number ONE: You can start the case yourself. California makes it easier than many states to begin a class action suit. We can file a class action with just you. You do not have to come to us with a whole group of employees ready to join the suit. If it is believed that there will be a large group, we can file a class action with just one plaintiff (complaining party).

Number TWO: It takes too much Time. In truth most of the work is done by my team and co-counsel, if any. You will need to provide information and any documentation you can gather pertaining to the case, usually appear for a deposition, which is a question and answer session, and then be available for calls or emails as there are developments in the case.While you must be fully committed to seeing the case through, as the class representative there are rewards for this commitment as mentioned above.

Number THREE: Strength in NUMBERS. Certain cases can present a challenge when it comes to proving a single case of wage and hour violationdiscrimination,  harassment or wrongful termination However, combine them into a group of employees who have all experienced similar abuses in the same company, and you have a much more powerful opponent. Often a class action case can also result in each individual receiving a larger award as well, largely because companies usually fight harder to shut down an individual case.

What qualifies as a Class Action Lawsuit? All class action cases pass the “C.A.N.T” test:

Commonality—All included members of the class must have one or more complaints in common.

Adequacy—All plaintiffs included must be BEST SERVED by inclusion in the class action rather than bringing an individual case.

Numerosity—The number of plaintiffs must be great enough that filing numerous individual cases would pose a burden on the court.

Typicality—The claims made by the plaintiffs are typical of many claimants.

The sad truth is, there will always be companies willing to try and save money, even if it means not doing what is right. This is where United Employees Law Group comes in. We will fight for you! Call Today and learn what we can do to help.


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