Emergency Leave Laws in California

Are you working in California and still not sure about what leave you are entitled to per year? Some workers are afraid of requesting an emergency leave because of fear of being victimized by the employer. It’s important to state that all employees must be provided with leave at least for some weeks every year. It could be because of an emergency or not. There are state leave laws in California that do protect you, and that’s why you should be aware of them to avoid being denied when there is need.


How to Know My Rights for the Leave

You could be in dire need of an emergency leave because of some reasons, but since you are not aware of how to start, you choose to
ignore or quit the job for good. That MUST never be the case when employment rights attorneys do exist. They are in a position to find out whether your situation warrants a leave or not. Besides that, they will ensure that once you are offered the leave, you should be in a position to be reinstated without fear or favor. Your health insurance coverage should also be taking care of your medical expenses during the leave even when you are not being paid your salary during the time off.


Your Family and Medical Leave Act Rights

You will be entitled to a leave of up to 12 weeks annually due to some various reasons. This can be available when you are seriously ill or a member of your family. The emergency leave can also be there when you want to bond with your child during pregnancy. Foster parents will also be offered emergency leave for the same. If one of your family members got injured while serving the country as military, you could still get the leave to go and look after them for some time.


Military Caregiver

Militaries are very important, and that’s why when it comes to FMLA laws, they haven’t been left aside. If it happens that one of your family members who served in the military needs a caregiver, you can chip in by being offered an emergency leave just for the sake of him/her. This leave can be as long as 26 months. It’s not easy to get another leave beside this when you have been offered unless another person in your family who served the military got injured again.