Wrongful Termination Tricks

san diego bad bossesSome bosses have no conscience when it comes to saving themselves money at the expense of their employees. Here are some common examples of tricks we’ve seen employers try to get away with.

  • Suspicious Timing: Suddenly you boss starts enforcing small rules that have always been overlooked for the most part. Things that were ignored until you reported a problem of some kind to HR.
  • Ultra Picky Paper Trail: Your boss starts creating a paper trail of complaints for things that are all personal and more opinion than actual things you’ve done wrong.
  • Pretend Layoffs: If your company began spreading word that, “times are hard” and the layoffs are coming. Only to fire only a couple people that they were clearly getting rid of for an unfair reason.
  • The Forced Quit: If you managers want you out, but they fear getting sued, so they beginning making your workplace very uncomfortable, in an attempt to get you to quit on your own.
  • Timing is Everything: Suspiciously, you were laid off right before you should have been given a raise according to your contract.
  • PERMANENT Sick leave: If you took time off within your rights of the Family Leave Act, only to try returning to work and found yourself fired so that your company did not have to work with you on a flexible schedule.
  • Disability Fault: If you were dismissed from your job because you were injured or the company changed the job description so that you could no longer perform the position you were holding.



  • Fake Promotion: If you were “promoted” to manager but with almost no change inNo unfair concept your actual job and you do not make at least $28,800 a month this was likely a trick to avoid paying you overtime under the exemption. Remember, your actual work and not your title, determines whether or not you get overtime pay.
  • Working Off the clock: If you work in California, you must be paid for ALL WORK TIME. You can not be required to do anything work related and not be paid for it. This means, getting into or out of your uniform (if required to do so at work),  cleaning up or performing “closing duties,” making bank deposits or attending meetings.


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California employees get OTP after 8 hours per day. Federal Law is after 40 hours per week.

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